Saturday, August 1, 2009


today at work the question of the day was "What Diva Are You" and everyone said I was Dolly Parton for sure! Niki, I thought you would be happy and proud to hear this. 

Niki, I think you would be....
(a) j. lo (because you're boricua)


(b) maybe Judy Garland because of your shared love of fluffy-ass dresses

Everyone! What diva would you be?! comments!!!
Patches, you would be Whitney Houston, Matthew you can't say Mariah just because she's your favorite -_-


  1. is patsy cline a diva? wish i was b.

  2. i asked my mom which diva she would be and without a single pause, she answered "beyonce". i on the other hand have spent the past two days thinking about all my favorite divas and watching a lot of live performances on youtube.

  3. haha I dunno what diva I would be but the two above are wonderful.