Friday, August 7, 2009


Here is the dilemma of the day yall: I am volunteering at Lollapalooza today and passing out programs from 3-7(Come visit me. I don't know where I will be) This is conveniently when all the groups I am even vaguely interesting in seeing are performing. Now, do I disappoint Perry Farrell and ditch my volunteer shirt to sneak away and see Fleet Foxes, or do I hold up my end of the volunteer deal and wait until my shift is over and the only act I can see is Depeche Mode:/ ?

Maybe if I show my team lead my expert collage of my escape plan to hang out with FF, they will find me very charming and let me go and never return to serving the sweaty masses.

UPDATE!: After passing out programs in the pouring rain for half an hour, I was assigned to security detail of the 'Access Booth' at the Playstation Stage. This was code for 'you look so sad and damp from all this horrible rain, why don't you go stand on this platform with the kids with broken legs so you have a really great view of the Fleet Foxes show'

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  1. niki! I was thisclose to robin pecknold about 48 hours ago. I also shook hands with christian and complimented him on his dreamcatcher western shirt but he misunderstood me and thought I was complimenting him on his ironic thrift store tee, so thats where i really blew it.

    I hope you got there. ilff s0 much.

    i hope they don't read this blog because then we are gonna be totally embarassed!!